Delaware Coalition For Open Government

Delaware Freedom of Information Act

“In the four decades since the Freedom of Information Act was passed . . .

it has become one of our greatest democratic reforms, allowing citizens to

hold the government accountable by scrutinizing public documents and

records. It’s our national sunshine law.”

                                                               Corpus Christi Caller-Times Editorial

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What We Do

  • work with the Attorney General on enforcement of the FOI law.
  • work cooperatively on access with all branches and levels of government.
  • offer programs that bring people together to talk about access issues.
  • survey our legislators on the level of their support for open government.
  • seek to inform and aid those experiencing difficulty gaining access to information from their state and local governments.
  • serve as a resource for FOIA filings and related lawsuits.
  • take part in national recognition of Sunshine Week.
  • answer questions and provide resources online.