Calendar of Events

Delaware Coalition for Open Government Events

  • Always open to the public
  • Free unless otherwise noted



August 7

DelCOG Board Meeting 


Community Room  •  Woodlawn Public Library  •  2020 W. Ninth Street  •  Wilmington, Delaware

Open to the public    FREE



September 17

U. S. Constitution Day

Commemorates the signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787, in order to ensure that all citizens should know about their rights as outlined in the Constitution. A clause in the 2004 bill that established a day to honor the Constitution mandates the teaching of the Constitution in schools that receive federal funds as well as in  federal agencies.

September 28 

International Right to Know Day

Raises awareness of every individual’s right to government-held information and to know how elected officials are exercising power and how taxpayer’s money is being spent.



October 13 – 14

National Freedom Of Information Coalition FOI Summit

This year, NFOIC will convene the 2-day FOI Summit at the First Amendment Center, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.

The Freedom of Information Summit features the exchange of

  • ideas
  • experiences
  • discussions

about the latest issues and trends around freedom of information laws, policies and practices at state and local levels across the U.S.

The summit delivers panel discussions, presentations, and group interaction featuring experts, advocates and champions of transparency and open government.

The keynote luncheon is highlighted by the induction of a worthy individual into the State Open Government Hall of Fame.

Click here to register and to make hotel reservations.



December 15

Bill of Rights Day

We celebrate the 226th Anniversary of The Bill of Rights.

1 for All




March 13 – 19

Sunshine Week

Your Right to Know