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Massachusetts senator seeks to strengthen public records law Link opens in a new window.

Seeking to strengthen the state’s public records law to provide increased public access to government information, Massachusetts Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr has filed a number of amendments to the public records legislation rele…

Data Governance Council to revamp Delaware’s open data efforts Link opens in a new window.

Delaware is redoubling its open data efforts, Gov. Jack Markell has announced. Through the signing of Executive Order 57, the governor mandated the creation of a Data Governance Council that will help executive branch agencies publish their data on t…

Editorial: CU should stop hiding Aurora theater shooting report Link opens in a new window.

It is ironic that the University of Colorado prepared a detailed report of how Littleton Public Schools could make its district safer after a school shooting but the very same university won’t release its own report of how it handled James Holmes when he was a graduate student.

Holmes was a student until a few weeks before his deadly attack on a theater in Aurora in July 2012. After the massacre, the university retained Robert Miller, a former U.S. attorney in Colorado, to conduct an independent review of how the university handled Holmes.

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Editorial: Wisconsin’s open records law needs deadlines and consequences Link opens in a new window.

One game that government officials like to play is to pretend they didn’t hear you. Kind of like kids when you ask them if they’ve done their homework or if they could mow the lawn. Ask again, and you might get a grunt, ask a third time and you might be accused of harassment.

I don’t know if the state Department of Natural Resources is playing those games with Midwestern Environmental Advocates, but the public interest law firm filed suit last week contending just that.

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New Mexico AG promises more FOI enforcement Link opens in a new window.

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas has created an Open Government Division within his office to beef up enforcement of New Mexico’s freedom-of-information laws, and though the process has had a few hiccups, transparency advocates are o…

Missouri bill would define open records access for police cameras Link opens in a new window.

A Kansas City-area Republican is sponsoring a bill that would set limits on when police camera footage is public record in Missouri.

The bill would block access to body camera recordings shot in homes, hospitals and schools unless the investigation…